Our Goals



Our kids and youth outreach will go into the neighborhoods in our city's most struggling areas, reaching kids in need and giving them hope for a bright future. With programs like tutoring, sports recreation, and Backyard Bible School we believe God can make changes and create opportunities that will change generations ahead. We also have a great program called “Keep The Music Alive” which provides musical instruments for kids that normally couldn't afford them.



Hitting the streets and loving those who need love and compassion the most on a consistent basis. It's one thing for a church or organization to occasionally go out and serve the homeless and those in need, but it's even better if we commit to "being there" with a weekly and sometimes daily presence. Our community program will also focus on the Senior Citizen community that is in major need throughout the city. Community clean ups and neighborhood projects will also be a regular way we serve.



We believe everywhere we go, we have the opportunity to have church and share The Gospel. Building a community where everyone is welcome, loved and filled with Grace is important, and we believe that extends outside the walls of a church building to every corner of the city.


Our Mission

Welcome to the new

We are passionate and committed to reaching those who need love and compassion the most. We believe God is with us every step each day, and we just want everyone to know how He wants a relationship with us, and know that we can make an impact that lasts for generations to come, dreams can be formed, bondage can be broken, Hope can be restored, and lives can be changed.